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Password Reset

To better integrate with Office 365, we have recently switched to Microsoft Azure for our self-service registration/password reset portal. All users must register in the new portal in order to take advantage of the self-service features. Once inside the Microsoft Azure portal users will be able to choose from several authentication methods such as mobile phone SMS message, alternate email (do not use your email address), or security questions. Once registration is complete you will be able to unlock your account and/or change your password at any time by clicking on the can't access your account link on the Elmore County Public Schools Office 365 sign-in page, navigating to the Password Portal link at the bottom of the district webpage, or by clicking the gear icon (upper right-hand corner) inside of Office 365.

Use the following link to begin the registration process:

*Staff members whose passwords have expired over the summer must go to their school in order to be able to change it. Once the username and password are entered, Windows 7 will prompt the user to change their password before logging in. After this, the email account will be unlocked and Office 365 will be accessible once again.