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Jackson, Ayena Principal
Darty, Jan Assistant Principal Grades 5-6
Kreauter , Sean Assistant Principal Grades 7-8
McGaskill, Turkessia Administrative Assistant

Akins, Vicki 7th Grade Social Studies
Alvarenga, Carrie 8th Grade Science
Atkins, Christen 5th Grade Science and Social Studies
Barnes, Susan 6th Grade Math
Bellman, Kim 7th Grade Social Studies
Berry, Tracy 6th Grade Language Arts
Boartfield, William Band Director
Broom, Cindy 7th/8th Physical Education Teacher
Chapman, Kim Special Education/Resource/Inclusion Teacher
Craft, Pamela 5th and 6th Guidance Counselor
Crim, Bobby 8th Grade Civics and History
Crosby, Vivian Title 1 Facilitator
Crowell, Susan 6th Grade Language Arts
Davis, Debra 8th Grade Math Teacher
Diggs, Alicia 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Duffee, Morgan 5th Grade Math and Science
Emanuel, April 5th grade Language Arts and Social Studies
Fields, Lolita 6th Grade Science and Social Studies
Findley, Teresa Resource
Fisher, Jason 6th grade Math and Science
Freeney, Flavia 5th and 6th Grade Physical Education Teacher
Gagnon, Courtney 5th Grade Math and Science
Gamble, Pamela 6th grade Resource Teacher
Gontko, Kim 5th Grade Language Arts
Greene, Elizabeth Resource Teacher
Hardy, Terry 7th and 8th Grade Boys Physical Education
Hartwell, Sasha 7th grade Language Arts/Yearbook Advisor
Hayden, Janan 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Hicks, Elizabeth 5th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
Hopper, Brittany 8th Grade Math
Johnson, Yvette Library Media Specialist/Computer Essentials
King, Leah 8th Grade Social Studies
Kiser, Loretta 8th Grade Guidance Counselor
Lamar, Tarica Career Prep/Computer Essentials/ESL Facilitator
Lewis, Tammy Counselor Aide
May, Greg 5th and 6th Grade Physical Education
McAlister, Leah 6th Grade Math
McKenney, Melissa 5th grade Math and Science
McKenzie, Lisa 5th Grade Language Arts
McNeil, Altovise 7th Grade Math
Meredith, Joy Multi-Handicapped
Montgomery, Veronica 7th/8th Grade Math
Morales, Angela 6th Grade Math and Social Sciences
Nelson, Melissa 8th Grade Science
Owens, Jane 7th Grade Science
Perry, Tina Multi-handicapped unit
Porter, Sarah Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
Riley, Taylor School Nurse
Robison, Ginger 6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies
Russell, Sara Resource Teacher
Sellers, Leah 7th & 8th Grade Pre-Algebra
Simpson, David 7th & 8th grade Science
Sipper, Samantha 8th Grade Language Arts
Stokes, Valisha 7th/8th Grade Language Arts
Taylor , Ethan 7th & 8th grade History
Thomas , Alesha 7th & 8th Grade Science
Tucker, Kim 6th Grade Social Studies and Language Arts
Varner, Sheila 5th Grade Math
Watts, Wendy 6th Grade Language Arts
Weatherford, Bridget 5th Grade Math and Science
Welch, Celeste Speech Language Teacher
Williams,  Kati 5th grade Language Arts and Social Studies
Williams, Amy 6th grade teacher Math and Science
Zeigler, Michelle

Adams, Joann Resource Aide
Akins, Michael Resource Aide
Armstrong, Joyce Custodian
Atchley, Darlene Bookkeeper
Bates, Belinda Resource Aide
Briskey, Engrid Resource Aide
Crawford, Gloria Resource Aide
Crosby, Brian Custodial
Epkins, Kenosha Resource Aide
Floyd, Ruby Resource Aide
Foster, Tammy Title I Aide
Glenn, Rosie ATS
Harris, Anissia Lunchroom
Horn, Michelle Physical Education Aide
Johnson, Robert Resource Officer
Jones, Tiffany Lunchroom
LeVert, Mary Kay Intervention Aide
Martin, Randall Custodian
McDaniel, Lindsay Library Assistant
McQueen, Shelia 7th and 8th Grade Secretary
Mims, Janelle Lunchroom
Mitchell, Kim Lunchroom
Perry, Norma Lunchroom Supervisor
Pope, Kay Library Assistant
Powell, Linda Lunchroom
Sanders, Ashley Lunchroom
Smith, Karen Lunchroom
Strength, Suzanne Resource Aide
Thomas, Jamell Lunchroom
Vice, Amy Lunchroom
West, Arlene 5th and 6th Grade Physical Education Aide
Word, Rethelle 5th and 6th Grade Secretary
Wyatt, Rebekah Lunchroom
Young, Calecia Custodial